"Whenever I hear the word 'culture', I reach for my gun " - Hermann Göring (1893 – 1946)

Australian flowers in colonial-era Melbourne

Most of the works that Moss completed during the time he spent in Australia were landscape imbued with a light that was unique to Australia and that he tried to convey in his paintings of south west Victoria. The major part of these subjects were completed out of doors: paintings of old abandoned Victorian timber-clad farmhouses, railroads, buildings, bridges in an architecture dominated by the omnipresent timber of Eucalyptus trees and the impenetrable bush. These small timber-cuttings towns like Moe and Morewell in the Gippsland region were the scene subsequently, in early 2009, of massive bushfires the cause of much loss of life and property.

Australian flowers in colonial Melbourne is one of the few urban works of art the painter completed in this period. The Australian flowers are painted in sombre tones against a background of a timber shuttered window in Victorian-era Vincent Place in the centre of Melbourne. The slatted timber window shutter in the background conveys something of the european quality of the city not dissimilar to New Orleans or a southern European mediterranean city.

Flowers and Trees are available for book illustrations, annual reports, paper and packaging, giftware, related products. You can license them in the following format: Original transparencies in 6 x 6 cm. (2¼ in.) format, high-resolution RGB drum scans on DVD or efficient and quick E-Mail or FTP upload.